Customize your ceremony

Blended Family

When blending families it is important to have the children have a role in the ceremony.  We can creatively come up with lots of age appropriate ways to include your children in your special day.

Same Sex couples

I have had the great privilege of conducting wedding ceremonies for same sex couples.   The love and romance of these ceremonies is always very moving and empowering for the couple and guests (and Wedding Commissioner!)

Knot ceremony

The symbolism of "tying the knot" is timeless.  By taking two ropes and tying them together you demonstrate your reliance on each other and the strength of your bond.

Sand Ceremony

Using sand to symbolize the unification of two people is a lovely visual demonstration for your guests.  Once the sand from each individual is combined together it becomes inseparable and you can display it proudly in your home.

Candle Ceremony

Taking two lit candles and jointly lighting a new candle is an elegant symbol of your love.  It is very romantic and meaningful (and can include your parents in an important role in the ceremony).

Create your own ceremony!

If you have attended a wedding with something you'd like to try or read about a tradition on the internet we can work together to create your own unique ceremony full of symbols of your love!